Country Facts

  • Capital: Minsk
  • Area: 207,595 km2
  • Language: Belarusian,Russian
  • Religion: Eastern Orthodoxy
  • Continent: Europe

Modern Learning Environment

More than 6000 foreign students study at higher Education Institutions and Universities in Belarus every year. This number is increasing every year. There is a very high chance of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program. Almost all the courses are recognized internationally. You have the Opportunity to get very good jobs after graduation because of the high standard and general acceptance of the degrees. Belarus universities have about the lowest tuition fee in the world; hence students can easily afford the cost of education.

Quality of Education

Belarusian Universities are recognised internationally for the depth and quality of their courses. The Education qualification is globally accepted as an indication of a high level of competence in a broad range of fields from science to business, foreign language training to arts and from legal studies to medicine. The Cost of Education and general living cost is relatively cheap, compared to most of the other European countries.Due to the high demand of the Internationally recognized Universities and courses, almost all the Institutions are already open to the English Medium of Instruction. This means you can study in English Medium in almost all courses.

Scholarship Facilities

No one can survive on books and knowledge alone. So, before leaving to study in another country, it is very important to discuss the financing of the studies. There are various opportunities for the financing of studies in Lithuania. Funding may be granted by the state of Belarus, Higher Education institution or it is possible to get a scholarship under international programmes.

World Class Faculties

Most of the Universities enjoy a great experience through Visiting Professors from other parts of the world like the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom etc.


  • Most courses run for 4 years and students can choose to study full time. All higher education establishments are governed by the Ministry of Education in Belarus.

Programs of Study & Duration

Bachelor Degree (3 Years):

Arts, Biomedicine and health, Biotechnical sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Natural sciences, Social sciences, Technical sciences

Master's Degree (2 Years):

Arts, Biomedicine and health, Biotechnical sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Natural sciences, Social sciences, Technical sciences

Entry Requirements:

For Bachelor:

At least 12 years study has to be completed. Study gap maximum 3 years is accepted. HSC result must not be below CGPA 3.5.

For Masters:

At least bachelor (Hons., BSc, BBA, BA) passed. 3 years degree pass is also accepted. Any partial result doesn't carry extra value to get admission. Work experience is not required but may carry extra credential to get admission in University.

Language Proficiency:

All programs are taught in English. IELTS-6.0 TOEFL is official requirement. But students have to smartly face the oral test in the embassy.

File Opening Charge:

No file opening fees we charge but students must do all the verification in several steps according to the embassy's requirements.

Tuition Fees:

In general higher education fees for foreign nationals range from 1600-1900 Euro, depending on the subject and the institution. Techinical Courses Tuition fee - 1900 Euro per year Management Faculties Tuition fee - 1700 Euro per year Other faculties Tuition fee - 1600 Euro

Economic Support to be proven:

Required Documents for Admission & VISA:

  • **    Completed online application form.Copy of your School result.
  • **    Copy of your passport of your International passport.
  • **    Academic transcripts from previously attended university.
  • **    School Certificates.
  • **    Birth Certificate.

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